Caring for homeless women
without dependent children

The Angel Wings House offers shelter, security, safety and support for homeless single women without dependent children who want to become self-sufficient contributing members of our community.

Homeless women without dependents in SWFL

Shelters and services that are unique to women without children are few and far between. In Lee County,
there were none until a group of determined women founded Angel Wings House a few years ago.

The idea behind Angel Wings is to shelter women in a home. Bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and laundry bring dignity to a difficult situation. Here, they are offered the opportunity to get back on their feet. A stay at Angel Wings is normally six months. During this time residents receive the assistance needed to re-establish themselves in the community and transition to living independently.

The program provides tools to help women obtain identification, assess their skills, find employment, and take care of needed medical and health concerns and feel safe.

Angel Wings House has a resident house manager who provides oversight and guidance for the residents. Board members and friends of Angel Wings help residents with financial planning, budgeting and banking.

The goal is to save money for their future. Residents without cars are provided with transportation as needed for employment, and encouraged and assisted in purchasing a car. The next goal is saving for a place of their own.

Affordable housing is always a challenge and may require creativity. Angel Wings helps with initial costs of first/last/security and utility deposits, and furnishes the new apartment, thanks to generous donations.

Under his wings you will find refuge…
For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways.
Psalm 91:4, 11